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Ginza, Tokyo Japan

Hip Pain Conservative Care & Treatment

Experience the Most Advanced Conservative Care in Japan

"ginzaplus" is a professional hip pain physical treatment office located in Ginza, Tokyo Japan. Our treatment is mainly focused on conservative care and physical treatment of hip pain. The unique approach to health and wellness is based on non-surgical methods (patient education, manual manipulation, massage, various exercise therapies and more) to promote healing of the pain and improve the total body balance.

Masahiro SATO, PT

Our PT (Physical Therapist), Masahiro SATO, internationally educated and licensed in Japan, has the technical background of hip pain treatment in an university hospital for years. He has experienced 200-300 hip pain cases every year, including the most serious pre-surgery and post-surgery cases, from both medical and physical treatment point of view.

Conservative Care and Physical Treatment

Nowadays, the effectiveness of conservative treatment has been widely recognized and proven in medically advanced countries, and the latest treatments are performed with seamless combinations of both medical and physical treatment. Within those countries, the common understanding is that, surgery should not be considered unless conservative treatments fail and pain keeps patients from being able to function for an extended period.

However in Japan, the situation is quite different. Most doctors do not attempt to (or cannot) perform exclusive conservative care against serious hip diseases, and after years of wait-and-see "treatments", leads the patients to unnecessary surgery. In most cases, the patients don't have a chance to know about any other option they had, including conservative care.

Fortunately in ginzaplus, we know that there are various treatment options before surgery is considered. Conservative care can reduce pain, improve quality of life, and delay or even eliminate the need for surgery.

In ginzaplus, we have performed treatments on various hip pain diseases, including the most worst cases of Acetabular dysplasia, Congenital hip dislocation, Hip Osteoarthritis, Acetabular labral tear, Femoral Head Avascular Necrosis, Rheumatoid arthritis. After our conservative treatment, many of our patients have recovered from their diseases and avoided the risk of surgery.

For pre-surgery (pre-operation) patients, we will examine if conservative care can eliminate your pain and avoid the planned surgery. If surgery is necessary, we will re-consider the type of surgery you need. You may not need a complex surgery which was initally recommended by your doctor. Additionally, we will provide you a pre-surgery and post-surgery rehab plan, which will prepare for the impact, and also help your body to recover quickly after the surgery. This will also help to reduce the pain and avoid you from prolonged after-effects.

For post-surgery (post-operation) patients, we will examine your surgery case, your after-effects, current rehab program, and you will get to know the most appropriate rehab to eliminate the pain and recover your body to live a more better life.

You and your body should be together for the rest of your life, and that's a reason enough to seek out our conservative care before you make any decision.

Second Opinion

If your doctor suggests surgery, do not rush into it. First, you should ask about risks, side effects, length of rehabilitation, chances of failure, any other possible options, and the doctor’s familiarity with the procedure. Use online resources to carefully evaluate the information provided from your doctor, and also try to learn all you can about your disease and surgery.

Once you have good understanding about your condition and your doctor's suggestion, you should ask for a second opinion, which It is not uncommon nowadays.

ginzaplus is a professional physical treatment office for conservative treatment, and also provides second opinion services for patients who suffer with serious hip pain diseases. We have deep experience and knowledge of hip pain treatment from both medical and physical treatment point of view. We will provide you answers until you are satisfied, and you will get to know all the possible options you have, and the most suitable solution for you.

Our Treatment Menu

  • Conservative Care (Hip Pain Treatment)

    Pre-surgery/post-surgery treatments and rehabs for hip pain diseases (Acetabular dysplasia, Congenital hip dislocation, Hip Osteoarthritis, Acetabular labral tear, Femoral Head Avascular Necrosis, Rheumatoid arthritis etc.) and other common hip or low back pain.

  • Second Opinion

    Second opinion service for hip-pain diseases, pre-surgery and post-surgery cases. You will get to know all of your possible options and the most suitable solution for recovery.

  • Seminars and Training

    Learn more about the causes of your pain and the latest life-changing treatment options by attending this comprehensive program. You will also learn the importance of obtaining an accurate diagnosis for furthur understanding and selecting the best treatment option. (Currently our seminars and training are held only in Japanese language.)

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like more information about our treatment, please call us or send a message from our contact form. We can communicate in both English and Japanese.

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